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Why Us?

You can’t beat our hosting packages…

We are the complete solution to your Online Business Needs

  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed

  • Free Website Migration

  • Free Website Building With WordPress CMS

  • Free Social Media Channels Creation Service

  • Free Secured SSL Certificate To All Hosting Packages

  • Free Domain Name

  • Free Press Release To Create Media Awareness

  • Unlimited Bandwith With All Our Packages

  • Hosted on super-fast servers

  • One-click Installation of Your Favorite Apps/Scripts

  • Free Android & iOS Mobile Apps Creation Service For Your Business

Select Your Hosting Package To Get Started:

All our hosting packages come with irresistible great features to reduce the cost of effectively running your online business.

Effortless Starter

$3.50per month

  • *Hosting For 1 Website
  • Disk Quota – Unlimited
  • Monthly Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Max FTP Accounts – Unlimited
  • Max Email Accounts – Unlimited
  • Max Email Lists – Unlimited
  • Max Databases – Unlimited
  • Max Sub Domains Unlimited
  • Free Secured SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Android & iOS Mobile Apps Creation Service For You
  • One-click Installation of Your Favourite Apps/Scripts
  • Fast WordPress Hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime

Each of our hosting packages is packed with amazing features for you…

  • Truly Unlimited Web Hosting

    When we say unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth, we mean it. Unlike the other web hosting companies who promise unlimited bandwidth and end up throttling your website traffic; we will never throttle your traffic rather we utilise our load balancing cloud platform to balance a load of traffic so that there will be no downtime to your sites and others during a sudden traffic spike. We use the latest form of technology to ensure that you get the best experience with your business.

  • Free domain name:

    Finding a great domain name is one of the key elements of your online success. That is why we decided to give our customers a free domain registration. Our most popular hosting packages come with a free domain.

  • Free Website Migration

    If you are currently hosting your website with another host we are pleased to offer you a free website migration by our experts if you decide to host with us and benefit from our hosting features.

  • Free Website Building With WordPress:

    Building a website is expensive but we decided to give you more value for hosting with us. We will build up your website on WordPress, the most popular CMS as part of your hosting with us without an additional charge.

  • Free Social Media Creation:

    We will create and optimise your business profile on all the major social media platforms for an added exposure to your business. The presence of your business on the social media is very important unfortunately, many businesses do not have the time to set up their business profile on the right social media channels that is why we decided to add this as a free service to our packages.

  • Free SSL Certificate

    SSL is at the heart of website hosting and if your site does not have an SSL installed, it can be dangerous to your traffic and customers and might negatively impact your business. We at effortless web hosting understand this and decided to offer it free to our customers. We do not want you to pay an extra cost for an SSL certificate, let us bear the cost for you.

  • Free press release:

    Our hosting packages come with a free high-quality press release service. In your press release, you have the ability to include a video, embed your website, two images, a quote and three links that you can use to instantly boost your site’s ranking. This is not the typical press release that you find easily online but we are doing this because we value our customer’s business and we believe in giving you the best value for your money.

  • Fast WordPress Hosting with 99% Uptime:

    Your WordPress sites hosted on our servers will load amazingly fast with our state of the art materials.

Effortless web hosting cpanel paper lantern
  • Free cPanel with One click installation of over 300 scripts/apps:

    We provide you with a full-featured cPanel that gives you the ability to install your favourite apps/script with one click installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you say that you are different from other web hosting service providers and that you are the webhost of choice for small and medium businesses?

    We are bold to say we are different because Effortless Webhosting does not only let you buy a hosting service and leave you with the most difficult parts of establishing your business online, but we make sure that you actually get firmly established online. In order to accomplish that, we included all the necessary moving parts that are needed to firmly establish your business online.

    Building a professional website that is responsive across all devices is a big deal for businesses that are just starting out, so instead of getting worried with who to hire to build your website for you after buying your domain name and hosting, our professional team takes care of the rest for you and ensure that we build and design your website according to your requirements at no extra cost. That is why we are the webhost of choice for both small and medium businesses because it saves you a lot of hassle and time.

  • What type of websites do you build for your customers?

    There are different types of CMS but the most popular one is WordPress. WordPress powers more than 60% of all the websites in the world. So we build our customers websites on WordPress CMS. This gives us the ability to customise your website to your needs. This also makes it possible for website owners to post content on their sites with little support and training.

  • Do you offer ongoing support to websites you build?

    Yes, we offer ongoing support to all websites that we build for up to six months. After six months, we only charge a small fee that cannot be compared to what you will pay somewhere else. This feature of ongoing support alone will save you and your business a fortune.

  • How does the press release in your package work?

    We know that getting a good press release is expensive yet it is the best way to create media awareness about your new business or website. This is crucial to any business but not all businesses can afford it and instead of letting you sit by the side and watch other businesses reap the benefits associated with press releases, we decided to include it in our package as an added advantage because we understand what your business needs to kickoff and thrive.

    By the way, our press releases are media-rich that you can also include videos, images, links and even embed your website in the press release. This will boost the initial rankings of your website and enable you dominate in your niche.

  • Do you actually offer unlimited web hosting?

    Yes! We offer unlimited web hosting across all our packages. Though it sounds too good to be true because unlike other web hosting providers who charge you more for this type of service or who do not keep their words when they promise ‘unlimited web hosting’, we want you to grow as a small or medium business owner. That is why we do not throttle your website traffic no matter the number of site visitors you can get. Though, we have a fair use policy as stated in our terms and conditions to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of our services.

  • Does my business need a mobile app that you included in your hosting packages?

    Yes, your business needs a mobile app. The mobile app industry is a multi-dollars industry that is dominated by businesses with huge capital. However, we want businesses like yours to also benefit from this huge advantage of the mobile app industry that is why we do not want lack of cash to be a hindrance to you so we decided to include it as part of our hosting package.

    Whether you decide to use it or not I want you to note that the mobile app for businesses right now is like websites for businesses when the internet began; most businesses said they do not need a website and those who could afford it reaped the benefits of it until it is now obvious that not many businesses can exist without a website. If you still have doubt whether your business needs a mobile app, download our report on 7 reasons and importance of mobile apps to your business.

  • Does my business have to be on social media?

    Yes, and we provide free social media channels creation, optimisation and management in our hosting packages. The whole world is virtually on social media; it is where your potential customers hang out. When people search for your business on social media and could not find you, they regard your business as unserious. After we create your social media channels, we will manage it for you for up to 14 days to give you the initial traction for growth.

  • How often do you have downtimes?

    Independent tracking software of various websites hosted with us show extended period of uptimes spanning over several months period in at different times. However, because its technology, we cannot guarantee a 100% uptime, in fact, any service provider that promises you 100% uptime just lied to you. But we guarantee a 99.99% uptime which will never impact on your business.

  • I already have a website with another hosting service but I want to take advantage of services you offer in your business package. How do I go about it?

    If you want to take advantage and benefit from the services in any of our packages, we will help you migrate your website from your previous hosting provider to our service at no extra cost as long as your website was built on WordPress and you have access to your cPanel. In fact, that is one of the benefits that you have in our packages so, you do not have to worry about anything.

    While other service providers charge an extra fee that quickly adds up for this type of service, we do not charge a fee for migrating your website to us.

Do you still have any question that we have not answered?

We are here to help you get your business website up and running with minimum efforts required on your side. If you have any question or objection as to what is holding you back from selecting one of our packages, simply click the ‘request a call back’ button below to get in touch with us so that we can address any concerns that you have. One of our friendly and professional staffs will get back to you as soon as possible.